Thursday 13Jun24

Trío Zukan

Concert by the Donostia-San Sebastian percussion, accordion and txistu trio
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13 Jun 19:30 h.
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Chamber Hall)

Auditorio de Tenerife, que ofrece la programación del Festival de Música Contemporánea FMUC, presenta al Trío Zukan en concierto.


The Auditorio de Tenerife, which is staging the FMUC Contemporary Music Festival programme, presents Trío Zukan in concert.


Trio Zukan started in 2014 by bringing together three unconventional instruments: percussion, accordion, and the txistu (type of Basque flute). At the time of their formation, this instrumental combination had a dearth of repertoire. This is why its members decided to undertake a project in collaboration with different composers to create a new repertoire for their instruments.


To date, Zukan has commissioned, revised and released almost forty works by national and international composers such as María Eugenia Luc, José María Sánchez- Verdú, Juan Luis Montoro, Evis Sammoutis, Hugo Morales, Zuriñe Gerenabarrena, Francisco Domínguez and Helga Arias, and the group continues to work on new pieces with creators such as Francisco Alvarado, Alberto Bernal and José Andrés Guadarrama.


In March 2019, Zukan released its first CD entitled "Soinuzko Begiradak - Toma 1” (Soinuzko Begiradak - Volume 1) and a few months later, they took another vital step on their journey by winning first place at the 94th Competition for Musical Youths of Spain. Since that year, the trio has continuously performed in concerts at leading concerts nationwide and also internationally, such as the Fundación Juan March, Festival Bernaola, Perturbaciones periódicas, Cristóbal Halffter, Música en Segura, Festival Ensems, Quincena Musical de San Sebastián, Festival de Música Española de Cádiz, Ciclo de Música Contemporánea BBVA de Bilbao, Encuentros de Música Contemporánea Kuraia or the Pharos International Festival of Cyprus.


In the summer of 2023, the trio unveiled their second CD under the guidance of the record label IBS Classical. It showcases wonderful works by a diverse range of male and female composers, such as Zuriñe Gerenabarrena, José María Sánchez —Verdú, Juanjo Eslava, María Eugenia Luc, Francisco Domínguez, and Oihana Rodríguez.

Trío Zukan
María Zubimendi, accordion
Gorka Catediano, percussion
Jon, Ansorena, percussion


The trumpet group of the Professional Music Conservatoire of the Canary Islands (Tenerife) are taking part.

Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena (*1965)
Harri, Haize, Harea
For percussions, microtonal accordion, txistu (basque flute) and electronic


María Eugenia Luc (*1958)
Begiratu Bi

For percussions, accordion and txistu (basque flute)


Alberto Bernal (*1978)
For percussions, accordion, txistu (basque flute) and video


José María Sánchez-Verdú (*1968)
Luz Negra III. Homenaje a Chillida

For percussions, accordion and txistu (basque flute)


Francisco Domínguez (*1993)

For percussions, microtonal accordion and txistu (basque flute)


Hugo Morales Murguía (*1979)

For 3 musicians and jawbones

Access is only allowed to children over five years of age.

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Thu 13Jun24

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