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19 Sep 19:30 h.
75 min.
Musical Theatre/Canarias
 MEI ()

The theatre festival Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana (MEI) has programmed Tesla/Edison, the last proposal that the company from the Canary Islands Ángulo Producciones will stage in Tegueste.


It was written by the brothers QY Bazo, and adopted by the company after it won the ‘Jesús Domínguez’ prize. This work has a great documentary and cultural value. It is focused on the lives of both geniuses who, despite living science and technology in a very different manner, achieved historic advances that we still enjoy today.


It is the contrast between two very different models. It deals with science, but also with the people behind it, how they live their conflicts and complex lives where they focus on progress beyond personal issues. The producer believes that this story deserves to be told to young people and adults. It implies scientific and cultural dissemination since in the writing process great care was taken with the documentation. It is very faithful to the past of these great figures, thus it will be a journey through time as accurate as possible to that time. All of it is within the theatrical imaginary that allows artistic education to enrich the work.


This is a project that invites to get immersed during a historic moment for science. We need to become aware of the responsibility and sacrifice that such professions require, to realize how important others are for our lives. We often don't have enough time to stop and think about it.

Authors: Quique Bazo and Yeray Bazo

Direction: Luis O´Malley

Actors: Miguel Ángel Maciel, Filomena Martignetti, Tony Báez and Abraham Santacruz

Technical and lighting direction: Rafael Morán

Scenic designer: José Luis Massó

Costume designer: Nauzet Afonso

Graphic design: Fran Medina and Miguel Ángel Gil

Direction assistant: Niria Rodríguez

Production assistant: Omaira Ortega

Structures: Tanausú Mendoza, Efraín Martín and Laura Cabaro

Performances of 'Tesla/Edison' in Tenerife:

Teatro Príncipe Felipe, Tegueste

-19 September.  Free tickets are available to the public until full capacity is reached. Those interested in attending the show shall reserve their seats by dialling the number 922 316 136. 

-20 September. School show for the middle school Tegueste

En este espacio se podrá disponer de una visualización del espectáculo solo para los programadores con clave de la Red Española de Teatros, Auditorios, Circuitos y Festivales de Titularidad Pública (Redescena) y la Red Eurolatinoamericana de Artes Escénicas (Redelae).

Tickets will be on sale at each venue under their own conditions and measures.

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